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The world's most incrediblest hugest tote - EVER. Perfect for the beach, camping, roadtrips, and more.




In planning weekend family getaways, people almost always end up with too many bags and extra's which making packing, loading, and carrying them a pain.

MEGA TOTE fits everything you need, is comfortable to carry, and will help you simplify travelling - FOREVER.

Beach Tote-Wide - text.jpg

✔️  Fits everything you could possibly imagine - and more

✔️  Tote and Backpack configurations

✔️  For trips to the beach, lake, camping, roadtrips and more

✔️  Mind-Blowing 35-125 L adjustable capacity

✔️ A must-have for every family

✔️ Also perfect for any solo adventure

Trust us, this bag is BIG

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